Can’t wait to move here




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This makes me happy

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Working on it

This game had me going for 3 hours ugh

I’ve watched this over a dozen times with my mom

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Oh you know hiding out here again. Also really digging my phone case

Hey, I was wondering about your data entry job. How difficult was it to get? What's the atmosphere like? Is it very hard work or just tedious? Thanks xx

I have a sibling who actually offered it to me. So im not too sure on how hard it would of been to get. All she needed to know was how fast I could type and if I could sit at a computer all day doing so lol. Atmosphere.. It’s very quiet at the office I’m in my own cubicle and I only see people when I was to my cubicle/lunch time. It is not hard work at all. Her company was growing too fast with the amount of coworkers so they had/have so much paperwork that needed to be entered manually. My eyes do get tired but I don’t mind it. I don’t know if I could do this for let’s say years but at the moment it isn’t bad at all. I actually really enjoy it and don’t dread going to work as I used to.

Just wanted to say you are gorgeous, and amazing for taking care of your family. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us!

Why thank you kind stranger! I hardly ever post my messages because 99% of them are creepy but this one actually is uplifting